Monday, December 6, 2010

Second Year Critques

The second year critques were taken place in the lobby. They had to design a sculpture that people could interact with. They put a scale figure next to the sculpture so we would understand how large it is. Before creating the sculpture they made up their own rules that they must follow throughout the project. For instance one guy said that his rule was that every fold he made on one side he had to make an opposite fold on the other side. The second year students said that the difference between first year and second was that they focused more on the design process. They focused more on the details like what materials to use and how they want people to react with it. They also dressed formally when presenting. The ladies wore either skirts or dresses and the guys wore nice pants and dress shirts. Also another thing that was different about their project was that it was a group project. The picture below is of a project.

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