Saturday, October 2, 2010

twigs, twigs and more twigs

After a week of finding a place for a leaf, we moved onto twigs. Oh boy! Well this time our possibilities were even greater since we could pick any kind of paper and one binding agent. Now the question is what paper and what binding agent. For my parti I used tape for a binding agent and the paper I chose was transparent. I got my inspiration from a pocket. However I used transparent paper because I wanted people to see the twigs inside unlike usual  pockets.

 Unfortunately when I tried developing the idea the paper was not strong enough to hold 12 twigs. So I had to rethink and decided to do the base as a 'box' and a triangle to hold it up. I placed the twigs into the box hoping it wouldn't topple over and luckily it didn't. I knew that a triangle is to be known as the strongest shape so that is why I used it as the support. I have figured out that I like to keep my projects simple. I'm not too sure if its a good or bad thing. Hopefully I will learn to create a full range of ideas from simple to extravagant.

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