Wednesday, September 8, 2010

leaf project

A place for a leaf. There were some rules in order to make the place for the leaf. For instance, I could only use a white sheet of paper no bigger than 12.5x12.5. No adhesives were allowed. When I first received this assignment I wondered what a place for a leaf was. I hadn't thought of an idea to do with the sheet of paper. Then in the first discussion a couple of people had brought in ideas and one of them mentioned making a cocoon for the leaf. I borrowed that idea and came up with winding the paper around the leaf. I liked how it covered parts of the leaf and left some showing. Later, I was talking with one of the assistants and she mentioned how a cocoon was transparent and suggested using paper that I could see through. That was when I decided to use tracing paper because at first I was using print paper. My leaf looked great but something was missing. I knew I had to find some way to stand my leaf up. I couldn't use tracing paper because it was too flimsy. When I was at Addams bookstore I came across Bristol paper and knew it was sturdy enough to hold up my leaf. I kept my project simple because I didn't want to overpower the leaf. However, when Stoel and I were talking he said "sometimes to make something simple it has to be complicated". I understood what he meant because it was difficult to hold the paper in one spot. I ended up folding the paper onto each other and then putting the stand under them so it would hold the stand there. That was the most complicated part of the project for me. As I looked at other students work and heard what they thought about the project, it seemed that I wasn't the only one struggling with that situation. Overall, I like how my 'place' for a leaf turned out and I also enjoyed seeing the other students work because they were creative.

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